Learning is SO COOL!

School, oh, school…

I have a hard time being super interested in what I learn in school, I’m surprisingly particular about my interests, which makes me uninterested most of the time in school. Kind of a really sad fact.

Anyway, I’d say that what I’m learning in Digital Photography is definitely the most interesting.

And, I thought that now that I owned this DSLR I knew everything. Well, I didn’t. Photography is definitely something that interests me (along with long walks on the beach and surfing eHarmony), and I’m so happy I have Mrs. Wentworth around helping things out… she is awesome! If anyone from KIS is reading this, if you haven’t taken Digital Photography – TAKE IT! It’s an awesome class, and I’m hoping it pays of with the Yearbook auditions! Woo woooo!!

Hope everyones year is goin’ swell… what interests you about School? or what did?

Photo by Me:) courtesy of Digital Photography in H303!


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