Must reads from Ms. P.’s English class!

Blogs are awesome. They are interesting unique and just all around probably one of the things that makes the world go round. I’m pretty happy that we’re kinda ‘forced’ to partake in this Blog thang, makes me feel like I’m a big part of Web 3.0 (even though I’m really not, tis a team effort, y’all!!!)

Here are some gnarly blogs from Ms. P.’s English Class that y’all should check out!

Here’s Megan’s Blog she has some really interesting creative writing and poetry. The fact that she has random not required blog posts, shows that she’s truly interested in creative writing in poetry and pursues it own her own. It’s Saweeeeeeet.

Manga drawings?! Jennifer’s Blog not only features her OWN Manga drawings but she posts interesting, slightly random ideas that are very very very fun to read… often get me off task, so I think that means that they are successful! Keep up the gnarly work, mate! (She’s an aussi)

Okay… so homegirl features Alexander McQueen she kinda has my heart… check out Sujin’s Blog she has an adorable post about Lee’s death (Alexander McQueen, R.I.P.) She’s also pretty cool, so I think thats a good enough of a reason to read…

Blogs are gnarly! Be sure to check out some of my favorite blogs in my ‘Other Blog’ tab… woooorddd!


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