British Literature whaaa?!

British Literature. Sounds boring, lame and like something I would never enjoy. But, in the last year I have been proven wrong.

Ms. P.’s B Block was the best English class I have ever been apart of. Her different approach at teaching was something that definitely kept my interest all year.

First of all, a lot of things were student lead. This taught me how to analyze things better and have a teacher-like eye when approaching different subjects. I really enjoyed leading discussions and being apart of student discussions, it was unlike anything else I have done in previous classes. We were able to do experience other peoples views and be apart of interesting activities. Although it was a lot of work, I feel like the student lead aspect of the class helped me grow a lot as a student.

I loved Ms. P.’s unordinary approaches at novels that could have been boring. Beowulf? Did I actually enjoy Beowulf.. maybe not. Macbeth? Eh, not a lot. I think I enjoyed our interesting activities and reenactments more than the actual novels. I also really enjoyed  the Multi-Genre Project. It was probably one of my favorite projects I have ever done.

But, I have to say, one of my favorite aspects of the class was the students that made it what it was. Ever single person has a different personality, and made the class even more interesting. I will definitely miss it.

Ms. P- Thank you sooo much for a great year! It has been very difficult for me, everything was almost completely new to me. You have definitely made it awesome! You’re a great teacher! Thank you for a great year! Have a great summer, rest up! See you in August!

Anyeong Haseyo!

I’m off to America! Later Lovelies!


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