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British Literature whaaa?!

British Literature. Sounds boring, lame and like something I would never enjoy. But, in the last year I have been proven wrong.

Ms. P.’s B Block was the best English class I have ever been apart of. Her different approach at teaching was something that definitely kept my interest all year.

First of all, a lot of things were student lead. This taught me how to analyze things better and have a teacher-like eye when approaching different subjects. I really enjoyed leading discussions and being apart of student discussions, it was unlike anything else I have done in previous classes. We were able to do experience other peoples views and be apart of interesting activities. Although it was a lot of work, I feel like the student lead aspect of the class helped me grow a lot as a student.

I loved Ms. P.’s unordinary approaches at novels that could have been boring. Beowulf? Did I actually enjoy Beowulf.. maybe not. Macbeth? Eh, not a lot. I think I enjoyed our interesting activities and reenactments more than the actual novels. I also really enjoyed  the Multi-Genre Project. It was probably one of my favorite projects I have ever done.

But, I have to say, one of my favorite aspects of the class was the students that made it what it was. Ever single person has a different personality, and made the class even more interesting. I will definitely miss it.

Ms. P- Thank you sooo much for a great year! It has been very difficult for me, everything was almost completely new to me. You have definitely made it awesome! You’re a great teacher! Thank you for a great year! Have a great summer, rest up! See you in August!

Anyeong Haseyo!

I’m off to America! Later Lovelies!


enjoyment ≠ learning

I guess it is not that easy to associate enjoyment with learning. When learning topics such as Geometry or Biology, I have a hard time grasping the point and why we really need to learn it.

So…. I don’t study my best, I don’t focus completely and I loose interest easily in those ‘true’ academic, often mathematic based classes.

But, there are subjects that I enjoy, that I am passionate about and that I enjoy to learn about. Including Photography, English class and Art… I think It’s because I know that those subjects will pay off the most in the long run.

I love Photography because I get to learn things about my D60 that I had no idea about. Ms. Wentworth is awesome and I really feel like I should be doing my best.

What is Love? (Baby don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me… nooo ohhhh)

Passion? What is passion?

passion |ˈpa sh ən|noun1 strong and barely controllable emotion : a man of impetuous passion. See note at emotion .• a state or outburst of such emotion : oratory in which he gradually works himself up into a passion.• intense sexual love : their all-consuming passion for each other | she nurses apassion for Thomas.• an intense desire or enthusiasm for something : the English have a passion for gardens.• a thing arousing enthusiasm : modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill’s.2 ( the Passion) the suffering and death of Jesus : meditations on the Passion of Christ.• a narrative of this from any of the Gospels.• a musical setting of any of these narratives : an aria from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

Intense desire and enthusiasm, eh? Strong barely controllable emotion?

I have tried to address this before, finding an answer is so difficult. A few days ago a friend asked me what I cared about, and what I valued most. I felt embarrassed when I couldn’t fess up an answer. What do I care about? Am I just as selfish as Mr. Smith on Wall Street? I care about other people, but do I really, who do I care about the most? My family? Well, yeah, now I guilty cover up for my shame, my family is great, they have done so much for me and have made me this unordinary kid that I am. And I love that.

Anyway, Passion…

I think I’m passionate towards art. I LOVE all mediums of which art can be portrayed. Through films (see my top ten!) or music (passion or lust for Serge Gainsbourg?) I’ve been having these moments lately where I can’t say what I’m thinking, but if I had a rainbow of acrylics and a canvas in front of me I feel like I could convey it perfectly. The way music, films and visual art can convey a story, an emotion, a plot, another world, is something that I absolutely love and I think I am passionate about.

The specific pieces of art, I’m head over heals PASSIONATE, and in LOVE WITH

Histoire de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg (seriously, greatest album…)

photo courtesy –

Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan

photo –

Michael Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

photo –

Graffiti featured in the 313 (Deeeeeetroit!)

photo – moiiiii

Korea (I realized I loved Korea yesterday. It was a great moment.)

photo courtesy – eohmah!

Must reads from Ms. P.’s English class!

Blogs are awesome. They are interesting unique and just all around probably one of the things that makes the world go round. I’m pretty happy that we’re kinda ‘forced’ to partake in this Blog thang, makes me feel like I’m a big part of Web 3.0 (even though I’m really not, tis a team effort, y’all!!!)

Here are some gnarly blogs from Ms. P.’s English Class that y’all should check out!

Here’s Megan’s Blog she has some really interesting creative writing and poetry. The fact that she has random not required blog posts, shows that she’s truly interested in creative writing in poetry and pursues it own her own. It’s Saweeeeeeet.

Manga drawings?! Jennifer’s Blog not only features her OWN Manga drawings but she posts interesting, slightly random ideas that are very very very fun to read… often get me off task, so I think that means that they are successful! Keep up the gnarly work, mate! (She’s an aussi)

Okay… so homegirl features Alexander McQueen she kinda has my heart… check out Sujin’s Blog she has an adorable post about Lee’s death (Alexander McQueen, R.I.P.) She’s also pretty cool, so I think thats a good enough of a reason to read…

Blogs are gnarly! Be sure to check out some of my favorite blogs in my ‘Other Blog’ tab… woooorddd!

Learning is SO COOL!

School, oh, school…

I have a hard time being super interested in what I learn in school, I’m surprisingly particular about my interests, which makes me uninterested most of the time in school. Kind of a really sad fact.

Anyway, I’d say that what I’m learning in Digital Photography is definitely the most interesting.

And, I thought that now that I owned this DSLR I knew everything. Well, I didn’t. Photography is definitely something that interests me (along with long walks on the beach and surfing eHarmony), and I’m so happy I have Mrs. Wentworth around helping things out… she is awesome! If anyone from KIS is reading this, if you haven’t taken Digital Photography – TAKE IT! It’s an awesome class, and I’m hoping it pays of with the Yearbook auditions! Woo woooo!!

Hope everyones year is goin’ swell… what interests you about School? or what did?

Photo by Me:) courtesy of Digital Photography in H303!

Dracula’s Guest

…Blog 7…


Rebellion? Korea? Age? Who You Really Are?

I always felt like my wish to rebel to was semi-fulfilled with trips downtown

My whole life, my friends have been older than me. I was always ‘strangely mature’, in the sense that I was never relatively keen on subjects people my own age were worried about. I am the youngest of three, so I guess I have just always been accustomed to being around older people, watching what older people watch and reading what older people read. But, along with this comes an interesting aspect… being ashamed of your age. I have oddly enough lied about my age many-a-time hoping to actually be seen as a relatively older person versus being a kid who is acting like an older person.

This shameful feeling actually, surprisingly enough, shines brightly in Korea. Because I am white, and because I am young many people think I am here teaching. The idea of an American high schooler living in Korea never really dawns on them. So, I often find myself being categorized with teachers, and I feel awkward and strange when people ask what brings me here, and I tell them I’m in High School. I’ve started to feel like I’m better off telling people I’m studying at university or a Hagwon teacher rather than a High School student.

I brought this idea up with an acquaintance who is actually in their 20s. I told them how I felt about being a high schooler in Korea and the strangeness that comes with it. I admitted that this country is far different from America, where the teenage dream is being free (anarchy), experimenting with alcohol and surpassing curfew… I’ve started to learn that most of these kids lack the problems that I have/had. (which are/were pure rebellion). I continued to say that I feel like I would be better off in this country if I was 25. My acquaintance looked at me funny, and practically told me that I was foolish for making that statement, that I am a teenager, I can’t pretend to be something else, and that I must live up my years as a teenager because I will be in my 20s before I know it and quit being so ashamed…

The Rebel from the Breakfast Club…. see, more people SHOULD rebel because look how cute he is…. 🙂 well duh, any girl in their right mind goes for the bad boy!