Other Blogs Y’alls

annyeong haseyo.

One of the first blogs I ever got ‘into’, the mothership, was Hipster Runoff, oh man….. just one of those blogs I can’t describe. My attempt at words turns to failure, happens way too often. But, I became an avid (but not so much anymore) Pitchfork (P4K!) reader and  Also speaking of music.. favorite MP3 blog will forever be Said the Gramophone, thes Mp3’s are perfection.

Also shout out to Sea of Shoes, Jane Aldridge is officially one of the coolest high schoolers, ever. This girls style is amazing, the clothes she wears are breathtaking, definitely a big inspiration for me!

Could not live without LookBook (Mine is definitely weak, but hopefully my new tripod will speed things up – My LB) and the Mothership of all fashion blogs streetstyl.es, I absolutely looooove this site:)

Recently, I’ve been digging Urban Outfitter’s Blog, I absolutely love their Music ‘LSTN’ downloads, they are FANTASTIC.


One response to “Other Blogs Y’alls

  1. HAHA elise- u made me laugh from the first line LOL

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